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Colorful Erasers

Welcome to Scraporama!

We are a mom-and-2-kids team with a passion for art and creativity, based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Our journey began in 2005 when Licia Dantas, the Scraporama Momma, launched Scraporama as a website template shop focusing on artsy scrapbook style for handmade businesses. Over the years, our focus shifted to selling custom digital art prints, party invitations and digital scrapbook art.


In 2016, we opened an Etsy shop, which we later closed due to time constraints. However, in April 2024, with a renewed vision, Licia reopened Scraporama to not only reignite her creative passion but also teach her children valuable life skills such as hard work and financial management.


Today, Scraporama offers a curated collection of adorable stationery and fun accessories designed to spark joy and creativity in everyone. From novelty pens and quirky enamel pins to beautifully handcrafted journal accessories, our products are meant to delight and inspire creative souls everywhere.


As a family business, every member is involved—from designing and creating our products to packing orders and taking them to the post office. This hands-on approach helps us learn and grow together, strengthening our bond and commitment to financial independence through what we love doing most.


Join us in our creative journey and explore our world of fun, kid-friendly, and mental health-aware stationery and accessories. Here at Scraporama, creativity is a family affair!

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